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Ivan Konupek - “Landscape”

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A splendid piece, by Ivan Konupek, an artist I met in 2016, when Alexandra's Gallery organized together with Richmond Hotel Constanța, the Art & Heritage Association, the “Nicolae Bălcescu” Cultural Center and the Constanța Art Museum - the international painting camp “ Ovid's Dreaming ”. That's when I met the painter Ivan Konupek, from the Czech Republic. It was a pleasure. His works, exhibited in the Art Museum of Constanța, attracted the appreciation of all. Ivan was also involved in painting courses and workshops that showed how a museum piece becomes an object, how a work of art can be interpreted and how we can appreciate the artistic value of a museum object. Ivan was at his second meeting with the Romanians. In 2015, he also participated in the Painting Camp "Bucovina - past, present and future", a project funded by the Department for Interethnic Relations within the Romanian Government and coordinated by Professor Ioan Bodnar. Ivan Konupek was among the artists who expressed solidarity with the people of Bukovina in the disaster areas and donated some of the work done in the camp for recovery in support of the victims.

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