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On the little streets drawn by the time’s architects, in 1841, to set the limits of Amza’s Square, a few amazing people made buildings which would show the cuty’s attraction to modern Europe. In such a building that breathes history through all its pores, Alexandra’s Gallery found its home. Through the paintings, furniture and art it hosts, the Gallery becomes a part of the place’s history.

Open to the public on 7th of June 2015, Alexandra’s Gallery impressed everyone with its concept and events.

Most of the works and objects are consigned and they are exhibited in a way not only to help you complete your personal collections, but also to help you get new interior design ideas.

In the evenings, we host special events: paintings vernissages, book launches, wine tastings, concerts, meetings with famous people and we kindly provide our gallery to corporate events: cocktail parties, balls, galas, networking sessions, product launches etc.

We invite you to visit our website, designed especially for our products and to find exactly what you are interested in.

Consignment shop – you bring to sell paintings and decorative art objects and we sell then for the best prices.

Authentication and evaluation – the particularities of the paintings, past transactions of similar works and the request for them on the art market.

Restoration and framing – for those interested in preserving or repairing pieces of art they own.

Purchase counseling – we help you transform your office, house and garden in a dream place.

Event organization – business meetings, ceremonies, private tours, cocktail parties, networking, product launches, tastings.

We encourage you to buy art. Since the Great Depression in 1930, art has proven to be the best financial investment. The value of art survises economy changes, inflation fluctuations most of the time and the trend in the art market has been growing for almost 100 years. Plus, aside from protecting your money, art is the only investment to bring joy to your soul and beauty to your house.