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The Holy Holidays of Easter come as never before, with the prohibition of gathering more than three of us in front of the church, during the day, and only in the interest of service, at night. This in the conditions in which we, the Romanians, were among the last inhabitants of the planet who, during the Easter holidays, gathered not only in the family, but also before God. For Romanians faithful enough to think "how to get out of this" and aware enough to drive away the unnecessary risk of COVID19 contamination, we thought of the following scenario.
     Between March 27 / April 27, we will reduce by 10 % the prices for all the paintings that represent places of worship, religious scenes and characters mentioned in various religions. In our online store there are over 40 such paintings, all authenticated and with documents of origin, which can be purchased by individual or by company, at prices from 500 to 81,000 euros.
     Please consider our proposal not only as a contextual commercial action, but also as an investment. The crisis of the new coronavirus has reduced the returns of many traditional financial investments, in which you probably had hopes. Art, on the other hand, has not depreciated and, most likely, will not depreciate in the future. For over a hundred years, since the values of transactions with works of art have been known, investments in painting have never disappointed, whether it was a war, a natural disaster or a biological risk.
     The "Let's Return to Faith" / "Back to Faith" promotion begins March 27 on
     We recommend online payment with home delivery.
     The art objects will be delivered to you in conditions of maximum biosecurity.