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Kristian Dimofte is an artist like you have never seen before, and his jewelry is made in a technique rarely used in the world of jewelry. Now you can get to know him personally by reading this interview.

Name, age, place of birth, residence

I was born in 1985, in Galați. I have been living in Bucharest for 5 years.

Since when do you do what you do?

I rediscovered my artistic side in the first months of dental practice. Dental technique is an art form, no tooth is the same as another. The study helped me understand modeling and now allows me to model the wax the way I want. Now I sculpt anatomical shapes by dripping, giving me the opportunity to give the works a little story, or a deep message.

When and how did you realize you were right for that? Was there a family member who pushed you in that direction? Any mentors?

I have had a penchant for metal, fire and jewelry since childhood. During high school I often went to a jewelry workshop in a suburb of Galati. I was playing with silver and trying to make models based on sketches I had drawn. My ideas put jewelers in trouble, and of course the end product was not what I wanted.

Do you have a role model? Is there a Romanian / foreign artist who inspires you and who influenced your work?

Everything I create is made from the heart and from my own inspiration, I didn't do art faculty or special courses in fine arts. This is where my freedom of expression comes from, I am not influenced by any particular artist or style, I am not guided by current fashion. I let myself be guided only by my own perspective.

Do you believe in zodiac signs, horoscopes, astral influences? If so, do you feel more creative on certain days / circumstances?

I believe in dreams and dream a lot, I am often shown in dreams certain objects, states, colors, smells which I then try to give life to in metal or other material. And I can induce the right state to create in any day.

Are you a religious person? How do you relate to religion?

Yes, I am religious and I am an Orthodox Christian.

Do you remember that thing you did that made you say "Come on, there's something in my head"? Do you still have that piece? If not, do you know who owns it now?

The most important artistic and spiritual achievement so far is the collection "Tracia Amei" which entered the national heritage of Romania and was presented for the first time in Bucharest on August 31, 2017 at Alexandra's Gallery.

Do you agree with the idea that the internet destroys art, or, on the contrary, do you think that you are what you are and because of the notoriety on social networks?

The Internet did not give me notoriety, but it is a means of communication that I use to get in touch with my clients outside Romania.

What is the work you are most proud of? How did you do it? What does it symbolize?

The mini-sculpture “The Flyer”, which I worked on for almost a thousand hours and which can be worn as a bracelet. I created it in 14K solid gold, plating some details with 18K white gold and black rhodium, putting a ruby and two sapphires at the end. The creation process was meticulous, I used the hot wax modeling technique, building the skeletons drop by drop. This work was inspired by the literary masterpiece "The Flyer" from 1843 by Heliade Ion Rădulescu.

How do you see your occupation as a business? Can you make a living from what you do or do you need to have a job or another business?

Kady's is a registered trademark and represents a new concept, in which the plastic art and the art of jewelers are combined. People will always be looking for something new and I'm glad I can fulfill some of their desires. In other words, I'm glad I went from dental technician to artist and that I can make a living from it.

Favorite things: music, food, drink, holiday destination, colors ..

Music - depending on the mood. Healthy food. Drink - water. Holiday destination - everyone. Color - rainbow.
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