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Alexandra's Gallery currently offers the most advantageous art acquisition system in Romania: the Art in Rates system.

Everything takes place in a few complicated steps:

Stage 1

You can choose, from the online store or at the Gallery's headquarters, what you want: paintings, sculptures, watches, decorations or furniture items. Take a look at the prices, because the Art in Installments system only applies to purchases with a total value of up to 5,000 euros.

Stage 2

Come to the Gallery's headquarters and sign the possession contract, the invoice, the payment commitment in 12 monthly installments of the established total amount and the report on the delivery in good condition of the desired art objects.

Stage 3

Take art objects home and decorate your home or office as you imagined. Yes, exactly like this: if everything goes naturally, you can go home with the desired items on the very day you decided to buy them.

Step 4

Don't forget to pay, on a monthly basis, the rate set by the payment commitment. We are serious and we expect our customers to be the same.

Step 5

At the end of the installment payment period, you will receive the contract attesting your ownership of the works of art, along with their certificates of authenticity. From now on, you are their owner, you can keep or sell them as you wish, having all the necessary documents.  

The Art in Installments system works without interest and without hidden costs or commissions. We rely on the good faith of our customers, in the hope that this way we will make art what it once was: the prerogative of intelligent and sophisticated people who gather in pleasant communities.

You want more information about the system Art in Dates? Write to and schedule a visit to the Gallery. You will receive all the necessary information there.