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Between November 25 and December 1, Alexandra's Gallery organized the exhibition of portraits entitled "Immortal Faith", by the painter Dumitru-Mihai Glodeanu, a unique history project from the famous series "Memorial of Pain", dedicated to Greek Catholic bishops killed for their faith during the communist period. The opening of the exhibition took place on Thursday, November 28, during or with the launch of the book "Immortal Faith" (Hyperliterature Publishing House, 2019), by Lucia Hossu-Longin. The book contains portraits of martyrs, made by the painter Dumitru-Mihai Glodeanu. Along with the author, Teodor Hossu-Longin, the project coordinator, as well as the editor Andrei Ruse also participated. Among the 180 personalities of the political elite imprisoned in Sighet were the Greek Catholic bishops. Died in prison: Vasile Aftenie - May 10, 1950; Valeriu Traian Frențiu - July 11, 1952; Ioan Suciu - June 27, 1953; Liviu Chinezu - January 15, 1955; Ioan Bălan - August 4, 1959; Alexandru Rusu - May 9, 1963; Iuliu Hossu - May 28, 1970. The young bishops spent between 15 and 16 years in prison. Lucia Hossu-Longin embarks on an adventure to rediscover the lives of these heroes of the faith, revealing the atrocities of the communist regime and their incredible courage in the face of injustice.

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The partners of the event were Aqua Carpatica and Cramă Hamangia about which you can find out more about HERE and by HERE.